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Core Businesses

1. Manufacturing and distribution of HVAC products (condenser, evaporator, cooling tower)

2. Engineering services, after sales and maintenance services, water treatment

3. Design, build and operate district cooling plants

What Linear Offers:

Design and customisation

  • District cooling plant design
  • Design audit and professional opinion
  • Customisation of system requirements based on clients requirements


  • HVAC equipment provider
  • District cooling plant builder
  • Testing and commissioning of district cooling plants
  • Controlling and monitoring systems


  • District cooling plant management
  • District cooling plant performance optimisation
  • Water treatment services for cooling towers
  • After sales and services for all HVAC products

Funding and ownership

  • Linear will design, construct and operate district cooling plants on a JV or own
  • Utility charges will be levied based on usage - with a minimum up-take



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