The Curve, Mutiara Damansara



Boustead Linear Corporation Sdn Bhd
(40% owned by Linear; 60% owned by Boustead Properties Berhad)

Rated output capacity of cooling plant
7,600 tons

Water supply/return temperatures
34°F/54°F (1.1°C/12.2°C)

Description of project
9,800 square foot, single level plant built on the roof of the 5-storey building. stand-alone building that contains two 850 ton centrifugal water chillers, three 1,224 ton rotary screw compressor dual evaporator chillers and 25,600 ton-hours of external melt ice-based thermal storage.

Plant in-service

Linear Group's scope
(a)   engineering, procurement and construction; and
(b)   exclusive operation, maintenance and management

The Curve Plant Facility


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