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Linear and the Environment

earthLinear cares for our environment. With Linear's Intelligent Cooling Energy (ICE) solutions, energy efficiency is signficantly improved thus mitigating global warming.

Welcome to Linear Corporation Berhad

Established in 1981, the Linear Group is today one of the leading heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) solution providers in the ASEAN region. Embracing a philosophy that promotes mutually beneficial strategic alliances with the aim of fusing the strengths and operational efficiencies of its venture partners, Linear has enjoyed great success in its endeavours.


Providing HVAC Solutions

Linear offers market expertise in the areas of manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution of HVAC products, multi-disciplinary engineering services and integrated HVAC solutions - acting as a single source provider for Clients who require a comprehensive range of HVAC products and the engineering expertise to develop infrastructure required to facilitate them. Find out more on what Linear offers.


Market Reach

marketresearchWe provide solutions to clients worldwide, in various settings. More...

Why Choose Linear DCS?

costeffectiveLinear DCS' strengths and a cost-benefit analysis. More...

Project Portfolio

portfolioSome of our major projects with pictures of facilities. More...

What is District Cooling?

District cooling is the generation and supply of chilled water from a centralised cooling plant to buildings within an area for cooling. Linear's ICE Solutions offers a more efficient way of utilising capital. More...

Careers @ Linear

careerExplore possibilities with a career at Linear. Click here to find out more.

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Design & Customisation

District cooling plant design. Design audit and professional opinion. Customisation of system requirements based on clients requirements.


Building & Construction

HVAC equipment provider. District cooling plant builder. Testing and commissioning of plants. Controlling and monitoring systems.


Operations & Management

District cooling plant management and performance optimisation. Water treatment services for cooling towers. After-sales and services.


Funding & Ownership

Design, construct and operate district cooling plants on a JV or own. Utility charges levied based on usage - with a minimum up-take.